Melenos Art Boutique Hotel Lindos Rhodes


Discover a luxury hotel in Lindos, Rhodes.

  • The Creator

    • Inspired by his passion for the heritage village of Lindos -- the place of his birth -- Michalis Melenos has created an intimate hotel which subtly combines ancient history with 21st-century expectations of comfort.

      Michalis Melenos

      As the original Melenos Art Boutique Hotel host, he has been the exemplary example that has inspired our Melenos Lindos family.

      Fourteen years in the making, the Melenos Art Boutique Hotel is truly a ’labour of love’. The distinctive result that we experience today was only achieved by the demanding process of hand crafting almost every element. From this complexity has come a rare environment which simultaneously embraces, relaxes and rejuvenates.

      Michalis extends a warm hearted invitation to share the special Melenos Art Boutique Hotel experience.

  • The Designers

    • Lindos is a heritage archaeological site with restrictions regulating any new building. Therefore, from the outset the design intention was to seamlessly blend the structure of Melenos Art Boutique Hotel into the texture of the existing ancient village.

      After the architect Anstasia Papaioanou laid out the 1000 m2 site with its mini-village plan, artist-designer Donald Green spent many years orchestrating a complex array of interior and exterior spaces. He has enriched the venue with an intense attention to detail,almost entirely adapted from the unique elements and motifs of the early 17th century Lindian Mansions.

      Experience the essence of Rhodes and the heart of Lindos as you join us at Melenos Art Boutique Hotel.

  • The Craftsmanship

    • Discover inspiring architecture and incredible views at Melenos, a Lindos art boutique hotel in Rhodes that will allow you to let it all slip away. The interiors and landscaping were under the direction of artist-designer Donald H. Green. Designer's Note: Using the existing 17th century Lindian Mansions as inspiration, I researched their masonry, carpentry, and decoration. The unique blend of decorative architecture evolved from Byzantine, Medieval, Arabic and Ottoman influences.

      I had the collaboration of the few remaining Lindian craftsmen to implement my adaptations of these traditional hand-crafted details: carved sand-stone, intricate 'Katrani' cedar woodwork, and mosaics of pebble paving. Many months were spent painting the decorative wood ceilings. In collaboration with a Turkish studio I created the series of Ottoman, Iznik-style ceramic panels made especially for the bathrooms and terrace fountains.

      We used other workshops in Turkey, and Morocco to execute my designs for wrought-iron fittings, lights and mirror frames inlaid with mother of pearl - DHG

      View more about Craftmanship

  • Our Commitment to Respecting the Environment

    • We are proud of the enormous effort that has been made to design a home away from home, a special place which encourages relaxation, and leaves an impression on those we welcome. In addition to this, something else that was kept in mind during the design process was the creation of a venue which sensitively respects its ancient environment.

      The Melenos Lindos family takes the extra step to be eco-friendly and to do our part in saving the planet, all while remembering the sanctity of our home on the threshold of the ancient Greek acropolis.

      The use of traditional quarried sand-stone, Katrani cedar, pebbles gathered from nearby beaches and Greek marble fragments for paving, have given integrity to the hotel’s construction while initiatives such as coco-mat mattresses, pure cotton bed linens, natural bath amenities, and a ‘re-use’ linen policy allow us to pursue proactive sustainability.

      Other practices that guests will find are used at the Melenos Art Boutique Hotel are a re-cycled waste programme, low energy lighting, fresh foods made from our lush garden and orchard supply, and the preferential support of local industries.

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