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Over the centuries Lindos has remained a centre of activity through trade and as an important place of pilgrimage.

Two natural harbours flank a massive outcrop of rock which dominates the landscape. The outcrop is topped by a fortified acropolis, the site of the Temple to Athena which attained its present form in 300 BC.

Many invading forces have vied for strategic control of the Island for centuries and have left their mark: the foremost being the Romans, Byzantines, Knights of St John, then the Ottomans who took control of the island in 1523.

By the beginning of the 17th century the continuing prosperity of Lindos as a trading port had evolved a unique architectural style, our inspiration for boutique hotel Melenos-Lindos.

  • Location

    • Melenos Art Boutique Hotel is situated in Lindos, 45 kilometres south of the city of Rhode’s harbour and airport. Many European cities have direct flights in the season, April to October. Alternatively there are frequent domestic flights from Athens to Rhodes and a fast ferry service from Piraeus to Rhodes harbor.

      Transport from Rhodes airport or harbour can be by taxi or hire car, arranged at the time of making the accommodation reservation.

  • History

    • In ancient times the island of Rhodes was divided into the three City States of Lindos, Ialysos and Kamiros which formed an alliance to establish the city and its secure port of Rhodes. To enhance its prestige the monumental ‘Colossus of Rhodes’ was conceived by the sculptor Chares from Lindos, in the third century BC.


      With its two natural harbours, the city of Lindos remained wealthy and independent; known for its celebrated artists, sculptors and engineers, as well as a pilgrimage destination to visit the famed Temple to Athena situated in the massive fortified acropolis.

      Over the centuries many invading forces have fought for control of Rhodes, each leaving their individual mark. The Romans were followed by the Goths, Byzantines, Persians, Saracens, Genoese, The Knights of St John and the Ottomans. In 1317 one of the Knights, Grand Master Fulcher of Villaret, established Lindos an independent domain.

      When the Ottomans took control of the island in 1523, Lindos continued as a flourishing trading port which led to the evolution of a particular style of architecture, now known as Arhontiko -- the distinctive 17th century ‘Lindian Mansions’.

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